Passenger List 
Of The Death Train

(Destined for Theresienstadt)

Bergen-Belsen to Farsleben, Germany

7-13 April 1945 

Updated Nov. 10, 2013

This Passenger Train List was compiled by the German Administration at Bergen-Belsen, just prior to the shipment on 7 April 1945.  It was recovered after the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen Camp by the British Army.

It gives the full name as known in 1945;  Birth date; Birth place and the Arrival date at Bergen-Belsen.  All were liberated on 13 April 1945, by the 743rd Tank Battalion of the 30th Infantry Division.

The original document resides in the Archives at the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Monument.

Like most all lists, it is NOT infallible.  Some names have been omitted for some unknown reason, so therefore, these names will not be found herein.

Some names have been misspelled, so caution must be used in researching this list. Look for other possible spellings.

For any corrections or additions, please contact:

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Updated Nov. 10, 2013